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Line 6: Line 6:
 and add the below code under it: and add the below code under it:
 +<code><category name="org.serviio.library">
 +      <priority value="INFO"/>
 +This will filter out __all__ library update messages.  
 +If you prefer, you can filter out individual library components by adding the following code (this is __instead__ of the above code, not in addition to it), setting the //priority value// to DEBUG or INFO as needed:
 <code><category name="org.serviio.library.local"> <code><category name="org.serviio.library.local">
Line 12: Line 20:
 <category name=""> <category name="">
 +      <priority value="INFO"/>
 +<category name="org.serviio.library.dao">
       <priority value="INFO"/>       <priority value="INFO"/>
 </category></code> </category></code>
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