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When using a laptop for Serviio, you may wish to connect it via a wired lan when playing back high bitrate files. Turns out switching back and forth from wireless to wired and back again on my W7 system was not a simple as I had hoped.

The solution to dual laptop connections for me on W7-64 was to give my laptop a static address and then I was able to seamlessly switch between wired and wireless by disabling and enabling the appropriate network adapters using the devcon command within a bat file.

I now have “wired on” and “wireless on” shortcuts on my desktop and can switch between the connections when I need higher bandwidth for a Serviio file. So long as Serviio is displaying a menu this switch is seamless, and no Serviio, PC or Router restart is required. he current Serviio menu stays displayed and active after the switch occurs.

If a movie is playing when the switch occurs then Serviio will disconnect from the TV, and I need to go back to the prior connection to restore the Serviio connection before switching. I quickly learned to switch on the menus.

The one problem I have yet to solve is on the switch to wired. The DNS is lost and is not restored by the netsh commands, and the router needs a restart to restore it. This is a simple step built into the bat and it only effects wired internet access, and can be skipped if the wired connection is only to be used for playing local files which is the normal requirement for wired. The DNS is automatically restored when switching back to wireless.

I've attached the bats I use for this in case anyone has a similar need. They will need to be customized for individual device and DNS addresses, and may not work on anything but W7.

This sure adds flexibility to the use of my laptop. When wired I just disconnect the cable and power and click “wireless on” and I'm on the move.

For info on setting up devcon with your device addresses see [url][/url].

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