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Metadata Extraction

Serviio supports priority-based configuration of metadata extractors. The idea is that all (enabled) extractors will run for each media file and try to get as much metadata as possible. Metadata found by an extractor with higher priority overwrite metadata found by an extractor with lower priority. The current release includes these extractors (by priority):

  • Embedded metadata
  • Online metadata sources
  • Swisscenter
  • XBMC
  • Local poster

Embedded metadata

Some media files may include metadata stored in the media files themselves. This is the case of audio files (ID3 tags, WMA tags, etc) and some image files (EXIF tags). For video files this extractor generates the video's thumbnail and ignores any metadata imbedded in the media file.

Online metadata sources

This is currently only supported for video files. Serviio can retrieve metadata for movies (using and TV series (using

It will parse the name of your media file (and it's parent folder) and try to make out the movie/series name. If found the metadata is stored in the media library. These are the file name patterns that will identify an episode of a serie (season 1, episode 2):

  • file name includes S01E01, S1E2 or S1E01 (e.g. MySerie S01E02.avi)
  • file name includes S01.E01, S1.E2 or S1.E01 (e.g. MySerie S01.E02.avi)
  • file name includes S01_E01, S1_E2 or S1_E01 (e.g. MySerie S01_E02.avi)
  • file name includes 01×02, 1×2 or 1×02 (e.g. MySerie 01×02.avi)
  • file name includes 0102 (where season < 19) (e.g. MySerie 0102.avi)
  • file name starts with 1 02 (e.g. 1 02 MySerie.avi)
  • file name starts with 01 02 (e.g. 01 02 MySerie.avi)
  • file name includes 'season 1 episode 02' (e.g. MySerie season 1 episode 02.avi)
  • file name includes 01-02 -, 01 - 02 -, 1 - 2- (e.g. 01-02 - MySerie - EpisodeTitle.avi, MySerie - 1 - 02 - Episode name.avi)
  • specials, pilots and webisodes also need to follow the series episode naming format or they may end up in the movie folder. Look up your episode on if it appears in the SPECIALS section its season with be S0, then follow the episode number listed on the page.
  • Put the series name before the season and episode number - unless the parent folder is named for the series. eg. “MySerie S01.E02.avi” works but “S01.E02.MySerie.avi” does not (unless you have S01.E02.MySerie.avi inside a “MySerie” folder)

The other files will be treated as movies, if you do not want specific files showing up in your movies meta folder, make sure that you setup your sources so that the excluded folders do not have the meta data check-box set.

In a case a there are more movies with the same title, but different release years, you can include the year in the title of the video (or the parent folder), e.g. 'My movie (2005)'.

If your video cannot be recognized try to name your file or folder more accurately and double check if the video is present in the above online databases. If not, feel free to contribute to them and add or edit the metadata.


Serviio supports importing XML files generated by Swisscenter media center. Using this extractor will enable you to completely manage your media library metadata via Swisscenter.


Serviio supports importing .nfo XML files generated by XBMC. Using this extractor will enable you to completely manage your media library metadata via XBMC.

Local Poster

If there is a local image file representing a music album or a video it can be used. These are the files that will be looked for:

Audio: folder.jpg, cover.jpg, front_cover.jpg, {something}[front].jpg
Video: dvdcover.jpg, movie.jpg, name including “poster”.jpg, {media_file_name}.jpg

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