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 +Properties for Serviio Server
 +    serviio.home - path to Serviio installation location
 +    ffmpeg.location - path of FFmpeg executable
 +    plugins.location - path to a location that included 'plugins' folder (repository for online plugin files, by default it's ${serviio.home}/plug)
 +    derby.system.home - path to the library database root folder (by default it's ${serviio.home}/library)
 +    serviio.boundAddr - bound IP address for the UPnP communication (has priority to whatever is set in the console)
 +    serviio.remoteHost - forced IP address of where to bind the REST server (for remote console)
 +    dbURL - URL of the Serviio database (by default it uses ${derby.system.home} )
 +    serviio.socketBuffer - size of network socket buffer (bytes)
 +    serviio.advertisementDuration - UPnP device advertisement interval (in seconds, default is 180)
 +Properties for Serviio Console
 +    serviio.remoteHost - IP address of where the REST server lives (for remote console)
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