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 ====== Library settings ====== ====== Library settings ======
-{{ :serviio_file_updates.png?nolink& |}}+{{ :local_library.png?nolink& |}}
-The Orange box is the one that is referred to in this thread as 'scan for file additions and updates'these need to be ticked or that folder will not be updated+The <fc #008000>**Green box**</fc> is the section that make Serviio update the library all on its own 'automatic update'. If you untick this box the library won't update till you click 'Force refresh' button. 
 +The <fc #FF0000>**Red box**</fc> is the one that makes Serviio monitor the files currently in your share folders and changes them as you do (e.g. editing ID3 tags in mp3 files, adding folder.jpg album art file, updating XBMC .nfo file, etc.).  
 +====== Profile selection ====== 
 +There is a list of connected devices in the Status section. 
 +{{ :connected_devices.png?nolink& |}} 
 +<fc #008000>**Green**</fc> dot means Serviio detect that the device is on or active (with Upnp respond to a search detection mechanism) and automatically select the proper profile (if a specific profile exist). 
 +<fc #FF0000>**Red**</fc> dot means Serviio doesn't detect the device after an Upnp search mechanism (that supports this feature)- Means that the device is off or inactive. 
 +<fc #FFA500>**Orange**</fc> question mark means Serviio doesn't know if the device is on or off at that moment - Means that the device doesn't support Upnp search mechanism. 
 +**To select a profile for a device, click Edit and select the device profile from the drop-down menu.** 
 +{{ :profile_selection.png?nolink& |}}
-The Green box is the section that make serviio update the library all on its own 'automatic update' if you untick this box the library wont update till you click 'force update' button 
-The Red box is the one that make serviio monitor the files currently in your share folder and changes them as you do (e.g. editing ID3 tags in mp3 files, adding folder.jpg album art file, updating XBMC .nfo file, etc.) 
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