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 +My device doesn'​t see Serviio
 +This could be caused by you having multiple IP addresses on the machine and Serviio binding to a wrong one. Insert IP address of the machine running Serviio into 'Bound IP address'​ field in Network Settings section in the console or pass [[sys_var|system variable]] serviio.boundAddr including the IP address when starting the server.
 +Also make sure that TCP port 8895 and UDP 1900 are open in your firewall.
 +If you are on a Linux based OS, make sure you set up multicast routes properly.
 +<​code>​The lack of the multicast route IS the problem.
 +you have to add
 +up route add -net netmask dev eth1
 +to /​etc/​network/​interfaces to fix the problem permanently.</​code>​
 +If on Windows, you can [[net_reboot|push Serviio service down in starting order]].
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