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 +====== Sony CMT-MX700Ni/​MX750Ni ======
 +An exhaustive explanation of profile configuration could be found at [[http://​​component/​content/​article/​10-uncategorised/​16-editing-renderer-profiles]]. This is just an example how to configure audio transcoding for a device that can basically only play LPCM (aka WAV) and MP3 stuff.
 +I added the following XML snippet to the end (but before the </​Profiles>​ line) of the serviio-1.0.1/​config/​profiles.xml file:
 +        <Profile id="​mx7"​ name="​Sony CMT-MX700Ni/​CMT-MX750Ni"​ extendsProfileId="​1"​ alwaysEnableTranscoding="​true">​
 +                <!-- Detection>​
 +                        <​UPnPSearch>​
 +                                <​FriendlyName>​.*MX7.*</​FriendlyName>​
 +                        </​UPnPSearch>​
 +                </​Detection -->
 +                <​Transcoding>​
 +                        <Audio targetContainer="​mp3"​ forceInheritance="​true"​ aBitrate="​128"​ aSamplerate="​44100">​
 +                                <Matches container="​flv"/>​
 +                                <Matches container="​asf"/>​
 +                                <Matches container="​rtp"/>​
 +                                <Matches container="​flac"/>​
 +                                <Matches container="​ogg"/>​
 +                        </​Audio>​
 +                </​Transcoding>​
 +        </​Profile>​
 +After this, you have to restart serviio and select the newly added profile for your renderer. This is explained in more detail at [[http://​​component/​content/​article/​10-uncategorised/​5-getting-started]].
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