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-[[|Nevas Technologies]] is a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP ERP solutions, Nevas Technologies has built a business around adaptive innovation. Regardless of industry, organizations look to Nevas Technologies as a business solution provider and partner they can depend on to deliver results.+====== How Serviio works====== 
 +Here you will find what you can do with Serviio (Features explained). 
 +  * [[ Serviio Console Explained ]] 
 +  * [[ Library scanning mechanism ]] 
 +  * [[ MediaBrowser ]] 
 +  * [[ Metadata extraction ]] 
 +  * [[ Servio Plugins|Serviio Plugins Introduction ]]  
 +  * [[ Serviio Groovy Plugins Explained|Serviio Online Feeds and Groovy Plugins Explained]]
-Our experienced team of project managers, consultants, solution designers and architects, and support professionals have a wide range of industry expertise, with one thing in common – helping clients get the absolute most value from their Microsoft Dynamics investments.+====== How-to's ====== 
 +Here you will find documentation on how to use Serviio. 
 +  * [[windows_install|If Installed on Windows]] 
 +  * [[|If Installed on Windows Home Server (WHS)]] 
 +  * [[howto:linux:install|If Installed on Linux/Solaris/BSD]] 
 +  * [[mac_install|If Installed on Mac]] 
 +  * [[Nas_install|If Installed on NAS]] 
 +  * [[:install_ssl_synology|How To install an SSL certificate on a Synology NAS (and other devices)]]
-For 10+ years Nevas Technologies has been delivering Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its successor [[|Dynamics 365 Business Central]]  (BC) & Dynamics GP to organizations in USA & Asia Pacific.+====== Profiles ====== 
 +Here you will find information about existing Serviio renderer profiles:
-With an exclusive focus on the world's leading ERP products and one of the largest and most experienced NAV (Navision) / Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP (Great Plains) ERP teams in NJ, NY, PA, USA & India Nevas Technologies consistently deliver high quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions, on time and on budget.+  * [[ Devices Format Support ]] 
 +  * [[sambdp_browse|Samsung BDP Profile Fix]] 
 +  * [[ Sony CMT-MX700Ni/MX750Ni ]] - example of an very simple audio profile with transcoding 
 +  * [[ Sony Bravia TV | Sony Bravia TV Profile]] - how the profile has been created 
 +  * [[ Roku device profiles]] details about which Roku profile should be used 
 +====== FAQ ====== 
 +Here You Will Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
 +  * [[|Main Serviio FAQ Pages]]
 +  * [[other_faq|Other Serviio FAQ Pages]]
 +====== Third Party Applications ======
 +Here, you will find useful third party applications (See each application for its specific support information).
 +  * [[ wikitools|Tools]] 
 +  * [[ wikiconsoles|Serviio Consoles]]
 +You have to be a registered user to be able to contribute.</note>
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