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How to Successfully Add Live Streams to Serviio

Serviio supports the playback of live streams. (URL's beginning with valid Internet protocols such as http:, mms:, rtmp:, etc.)

There are some steps you can follow to ensure your success with this feature.

1) Test the live stream URL to ensure the stream is live and accessable by running the command:

 ffmpeg -i "your-url-here"

Best is to use the Serviio copy of FFmpeg in the Serviio lib directory. eg: C:\Program Files\Serviio\lib\ffmpeg.exe
If testing an mms: feed, first change mms: to mmsh: or mmst:

2) If the feed is not available, ffmpeg will report:

 "No such file or directory" or "Input/output error"

3) If the feed is available the ffmpeg result will show the type of the video and audio streams.

 eg:  Stream #0:0: Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels (FC), s16
      Stream #0:1: Video: h264 (Constrained Baseline), yuv420p, 480x272, 25 fps

Verify that they are one of the supported types in Serviio.

 vCodecs: mpeg2video, mpeg1video, wmv2, mpeg4, msmpeg4, h263, h264, vc1, mjpeg, flv, vp6, vp8, theora, dvvideo 
 aCodecs: aac, ac3, mp3, mp2, lpcm, wmav2, wmapro, dca (DTS), flac, vorbis, truehd, amrnb 

4) Optionally play the live stream URL in VLC to see/hear the actual content. Install and open VLC, Click “Open Network Stream”, Enter the URL, Click Play.

5) If the stream is valid, you may then add the URL to the Serviio console, as Source Type: “live stream” and Save it. Serviio will verify the existence of the stream and will add it to the online menu. Note that if the stream does not exist it will not be added to the menu.

6) If the above yields a valid live stream, but it fails to be added or play in Serviio, post the ffmpeg -i output and a detailed log in the forum.

Note regarding RTMP streams
RTMP streams require more data than just a URL. Be sure you also know the playpath, SwfUrl and app parameters for your RTMP stream when adding themto Serviio. To get these parameters you must sniff the stream using tools such as Wireshark, rtmpsrv or URL Snooper, while loading/viewing RTMP streams on your PC. This is not a job for newbies. An external guide is available at How to find rtmp:// stream URL: Software to sniff, snoop RTMP links

Here is an example of the correct RTMP format:
rtmp:// app=live playpath=1234adgfas swfUrl= swfVfy=1 live=1

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