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Provide supported formats of a device

In order to support more devices let us know what your device supports.

One way is to send me the Sink protocol information of your device.

  1. Install Intel UPnP tools
  2. run Device Spy
  3. It should list all your UPnP device and among them yout device (eg TV, console, etc)
  4. Expand the device's tree and find service: urn:upnp-org:serviceId:ConnectionManager:1
  5. Expand that and double click on GetProtocolInfo(…). (RED Box)
  6. Click on Invoke (Yellow Box) and send me (or attach a file) the result in field Sink (Green Box).

Alternatively, if your device doesn't appear in DeviceSpy, search for it's supported features via DLNA Product Search.

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