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How to Convert MV4 Files to Play With Serviio

If you have some MV4 video files that you want to be able to play on devices other an an iPod or on your computer in a program other than QuickTime, you can convert the MV4 to an AVI video file. AVI files are high-quality video files that are widely compatible with a variety of devices and programs. To get your MV4, which is commonly known as a M4V file, converter to AVI you will need a video-converter program. The Any Video Converter is a video converter that is free to use and can quickly convert your files to AVI.


1. Go to the Any Video Converter website (HERE). Download and install the Any Video Converter to your computer. This is a freeware program so you do not have to pay for it.

2. Open up the Any Video Converter program on your computer. Select the files to convert to AVI by clicking “Add Video” from the toolbar.

3. Pick a location for the new AVI files. Do this by clicking the “Output Folder” button on the lower-left panel and select a destination for the new AVI files on your computer.

4. Configure your output file as AVI format. Just select AVI from the pull-down menu by “Profile” to set the output file type.

5. Convert to AVI by clicking “Encode” from the toolbar. The status column will update as the files convert, with a pop-up screen letting you know when all files have converted. Click “OK” and you can begin using the new AVI files.

You can also convert to MKV or MP4 i just picked AVI as an example.
Any Video Converter will not convert copyprotected Apple DRM M4V files, but will handle most other formats.
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