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How to access USA-only feeds from outside USA (untested)

Advanced Users ONLY as no support will be given by Serviio team

A wide variety of websites and online services are region restricted to the USA: Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, annual credit reports, some banks, the list is significant. Region restrictions are generally something you don’t notice until you need to access a website from outside the USA, and then they’re a huge pain. We’ll show you how to get around region restrictions securely by using a SOCKS proxy and SSH tunnel.

Before getting started, you’ll need:

  • A US-based web hosting or shell provider that allows SSH access, including a username and the remote machines IP
  • Basic understanding and comfort with the command line

This walkthrough is aimed at Mac OS X, but you should be able to configure things much the same with iOS, Android, and Windows too.

Set up an SSH Tunnel and SOCKS Proxy in Mac OS X

Assuming you have a US host squared away, let’s begin:

  • Go to the Applications folder, then to Utilities, then launch the Terminal and use the following syntax to set up the SOCKS proxy:
ssh -D port_number user@remote_host_ip
  • For example, if your username is AJ and the remote host IP is, and you want to setup a proxy on port 2012, the syntax would be:
ssh -D 2012 AJ@
  • Login as usual and maintain the shell connection for as long as you intend to use the proxy, if you’re concerned about remote host timeouts just ping localhost or another ip
  • Now go to the  Apple menu and open “System Preferences”
  • Click on “Network” and then click on “Advanced” in the lower right corner
  • Click on the “Proxies” tab and click the checkbox next to “SOCKS Proxy” from the protocol menu
  • Fill in the SOCKS Proxy server as and provide the port from earlier, in this case 2012
  • Click “OK”

Now launch a web browser and double-check the external IP address to confirm with a website like or by running the following at the command line:


Your IP should now register as the remote US-based host you tunneling through, and you are free to view US region restricted content.

This is for informatrion purposes ONLY please check the legal restrictions of your country before trying this howto

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