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This could be another serviio starts before the network adaptor has start so serviio sees the wrong adaptor.

In window services manager select the serviioservices.exe and go into its properties and select Delayed start and that should fix your issue.

All admins have had server startup tasks that were very sequence driven. My most frequent offender was any service that needed a database to connect to on the same server. While we could get crafty with scripts or running applications outside of the Windows service environment (yuck!), we now have a built-in option for Windows Servers to introduce a second tier of automatic startup.

Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 have the Automatic (Delayed Start) option for service startup. The Delayed Start configuration operates to ease the strain of the boot process; it can also be a boon to administrators who wish to configure applications for tiered startup for sequencing control. The Delayed Start is configured for a service in a familiar fashion. Figure A shows a service configured for Delayed Start.

Figure 1

Another option is to add dependency to TCP/IP service.

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