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Web UI in PHP

Welcome to the Web UI in PHP Wiki. It is a web-based application to manage the settings for Serviio using Serviio's REST interface.

This I is now out of date. Serviio includes it's own web based console since version 1.6.


  • All the functionality of the Serviio Console
  • Fast performance
  • Tested in Chrome, FF, and IE (should work in all) with JavaScript Enabled
  • Works as an iOS Web App for iPhone™ and iPad™
  • Status bar indicator showing statuses of server processes
  • Not tied to a specific version of Serviio (*)

(*) A notice will display when a new version of Serviio is available, but will not stop application from running.

Downloads - 21/01/2015 - Revised for Serviio 1.5 (Updated by SwoopX). - 02/09/2013 - Revised for Serviio 1.4 (Updated by SwoopX). - 02/09/2013 - Revised for Serviio 1.3.1 (Updated by SwoopX).
WebUI v1.4beta - 04/15/13 - Revised to work with Serviio 1.2 and above.
WebUI v1.2a - 08/13/12 - Revised to work with Serviio 1.0.
WebUI v1.0.2 - 05/27/12 - Couple small bug fixes.
WebUI v1.0.1 - 04/20/12 - small update to be more tablet friendly
WebUI v1.0 - 02/26/12 - initial release

Server Requirements

  • Apache Web Server
  • PHP 5+ (modules: curl, xml)


  • Download the latest version and unzip in folder on web server
  • (more details coming)



The best way to get help with Web UI in PHP is to visit the Serviio Forum.

Show your appreciation

Please show your appreciation for the hard work that has been put into this application. Please go to my website at and use the donation link at the bottom of the sidebar.

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