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Streaming Broadcast signals via a tv capture card

If you have a server with a tv tuner card you can use VLC to stream channels off your card and then stream them via serviio.

Note1 These instructions are for windows, but linux should work.
Note2 You wont have any dvr capabilities when you push channels using this method, you can only view what is currently being broadcast.
Note3 I tested with a card that had a built in mpeg2 encoder, performance of the stream may vary depending on the tuner card.


  1. install the relevant drivers for your capture card
  2. install latest version of VLC


Open VLC and select the file menu and click Stream

Select the capture device tab and select Directshow for the capture mode.

Under Video Device Name, you should be able to select your capture card, same under audio device

Click the Advanced options button and check device and tuner properties options

select the stream button at the bottom

select next on the stream output screen

change the destination to rtsp and hit add

for the transcoding section, you can transcode if you would like. the video will be coming off the card in whatever format is supportted by the card.. In my case I had an mpeg encoder onboard so it used that format and I didn't do transcoding.

select the stream button at the bottom of the screen

a few options dialog box will come up depending on your tuner card, this is where you select the channel for this stream.

A dialog will show in the vlc playlist that says “streaming”

Your RTSP tuner stream is now active

open up your serviio console

select the online sources tab

click add

Source Type - Live Stream

Source URL - rtsp: (change to IP of your server with capture card)

click Add one more time

you have now added the stream to serviio and will be able to access it from your dlna clients

There is a way to activate the stream via command line also, but I have not dug into that yet. I'll update the article if I get that working.

Here is the guide I worked off

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