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List of Useful Test Media Files

In order to test profiles, transcoding and playback of files for your device, try some of these files:

FFmpeg samples repository:

Other resources:

  • Nextcom repo

  • Itunes Mov


  • MKV 1080p

  • Full HD 1080 Dolby Trailers


  • The Blender foundation movies Sintel and Big Buck Bunny are available in varying resolutions and formats.

  • VOB with closed caption:

This (Starship_Troopers.vob) is a piece of VOB file from a Region 1 DVD containing Closed Captions. 
It contains English soundtracks (aid 129 is AC3-5.1), and a commentary, plus subtitles in DVD format (sid 0 is English).
  • A transport stream which nicely displays pre-rendered subtitles on Viera (via Serviio):

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