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How to update your ffmpeg builds explained.

To update your ffmpeg builds please head over to the following link.

Windows builds are located here

Mac here

Linux is a bit different due to varying OS's. If you feel up to the challenge, building your own copy of ffmpeg from source is the best way to go.
Alternatively you may be able to find precompiled builds for your flavor (fedora, centos, mint, ect) but it's best to build your own as most of the time you don't know what modules they included.

Scroll down to the latest static builds 32 bit or 64 bit depending on what os architecture you are running and download it. Once downloaded use 7zip or another zip program to extract the files contained then navigate to the lib folder.

The default for windows is C:\Program Files\Serviio\lib\

On mac you can browse to the lib folder by opening the serviio app in the finder.

Find the existing copy of ffmpeg
ffmpeg.exe for windows) (the mac linux version is just called “ffmpeg”)
and rename is to ffmpeg.bak

After you have renamed the existing build, copy the file you downloaded and extracted to this location.

Lastly, restart your serviio services.

Your all done!

If you find that you are experiencing negative results from upgrading, simply rename your current copy of ffmpeg to ffmpeg.bak2 and rename ffmpeg.bak back to the original name and restart services.


Serviio cant guarantee that these builds will work as expected with serviio as they will not include patches specifically designed for serviio which we may release in serviio builds at a later stage. So please make a backup of your current serviio ffmpeg by copy and pasting it to another location first.

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