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How To Fix High CPU/Memory Usage Windows 7 (Windows Bug)

After alot of testing i have found why windows seems to use a ton more CPU and memory than it needs to when idling, it is caused by a service introduced by Microsoft to speed up certain applications (most users dont even use these applications) and when it didnt work they tried to fix it but in process broke it and causing it to fail to start and eat about 40% of the resources for no gain. This can easily be fixed by disabling these services (There not even required).

How to do it.

1. Go to administrative tools and select services ( it should be on your start menu) or from run command type services.msc

2. Then look for “ windows font cache service ” and “ Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache ”

3. Right click on it and select properties

4. Click the stop button. ( you may find it wont stop thats ok just go to the next step )

5. Now in the startup type drop down menu select disabled

6. Click ok

your all done you should see a big drop in resource usage ( took mine about an hour to drop but now its running at 4% CPU and 32% Memory even while transcoding a file )

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